The Water Hopper

“When it comes to new products in the masonry industry you would be hard pressed to ever find a bigger skeptic than myself. The Water Hopper is one of those products it did not take long for me to recognize the variety and value this unit could offer to our company. There had to have been great deal of thought and attention to detail that went in to creating the Water Hopper. We have experienced a substantial savings on our winter heating costs as well as a safer, more time efficient, less problematic way of speeding up our mixing process. Mike has hit a home-run with the creation of the Water Hopper and I would gladly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for an edge to become more competitive in this ever changing, extremely volatile market.”

Brian Thomsen
Project Manager
Doyle Hatfield Masonry, Inc.
Salem, Utah

The Water Hopper

It takes 5 minutes to heat 20-30 gallons of water to 140 degrees first thing in the morning and even less time at lower temperature. To start in the morning, all I have to do is turn on propane, flip on two switches and select desired water temperature to accommodate the ambient temperature outside so my mortar/grout is hot enough for inspectors.

I would personally rather use this method of heating water during the cold months of the year than using 55 gallon drums and a weed burning torch. The Water Hopper does it in a quarter of the time with much less hassle. I don’t have to waste time filling the water drums, keeping blankets around them, and messing with propane tanks when I could be doing more important and productive things to stay ahead of the masons and tenders.

A space heater works great to keep the water from freezing during cold nights and days. The valves to dump the water into the mixers are great, it only takes seconds to put four buckets in the mixers. I would suggest using this machine from now on!

Jared Pascoe
IMS Masonry
Lindon, UT
Project in Alamosa, CO

The Water Hopper

Outstanding productivity. Cuts our daily water preparation to nearly nothing.

Considering what we spend on propane to heat water in a year the Water Hopper wont take long to pay for its self.

Highly efficient on propane and electricity

Right now on the highly scrutinized CCIP job we are doing it gets a thumbs up all the way around

Russell Jensen
IMS Masonry
Lindon, UT
Project in downtown Salt Lake City, UT